Radiator Services

The most common problem with radiators in the modern vehicle is the top or plastic side tank can crack, We Specialize in replacing cracked radiator tanks at competitive price's in Auckland.

Radiator remove and refit service available onsite

    • Cleanouts
    • New tanks fitted
    • Sameday service
    • Recores
    • New Radiators
    • Coolant replace
    • Radiator installation


Coolent - Antifreeze


Flush the cooling system and replace coolant.
Its recommend you do this every two years.

We flush the entire cooling system including the heater, top up with the correct amount of coolant run and check engine is operating correctly then test for leaks.

Radiator cap

Coolent - Antifreeze

The Radiator cap needs to seal, hold pressure and be in good condition.

A faulty cap will not recover water from the overflow tank or not release pressure causing excessive pressure.

Radiator Tank what to Look for.

Coolent - Antifreeze

If your top tank looks discolored or has fine crack lines, we recommend you get this checked and replaced if needed especially if you are planning a trip.

Most Radiator repairs can be done on the day

Coolent - Antifreeze

We Stock a Very Large range of common Japanese Radiator parts including hundred's of new top tanks most vehicle plastic tanks we have instock also complete new radiators instock.

Cleanouts - Radiator top tank is removed and all tubes are cleaned out.