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Fitting Service

Repairs, Cleanouts, New Radiators

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New Tanks

Most makes and models in stock
Quality New Tanks fitted
At best prices

We provide

Brand New complete radiators
Quality products.

SameDay Service!
Repairs, Cleanouts, New tanks fitted, new radiators

Plastic Tanks
Plastic Tanks
Most makes and models instock fitted at competitive prices.
New Radiators
New Radiators
Quality new radiators for most vehicle's

Custom Made Radiators
Custom Made Radiators
Pollished aluminum radiators to suit most show and performance vehicles
What's new

Headlight Restoring - Yellowed and fadded headlights can now be restored to clear at Real Deal Radiators $60 per headlight.
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New Tanks

Cracked radiator top tank's on most vehicles can be replaced,
We have a large range of common tanks in stock and offer same day service.


Family owned and operated

Skilled fabricator of brass and aluminium radiators.

Celebrating over 20 years of quality workmanship.

Large workshop for servicing and repairing radiators.